Mic Rahman

Michael “Mic” Rahman de Clarin (b.1988) is a painter, public artist, rapper, and animator from Itugon, Benguet. Mic is formally trained in Digital Video Fundamentals and Professional 2-D Animation at the Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI) and Artfarm Asia, respectively. His art practice is heavily influenced by street culture-- which he regards as exposed pieces of communal history, of unheard stories waiting to be told. Mic’s promotion of street art is a reflection of his allegiance to a progressive and dynamic community. His works serve as a testament of his advocacy to the pioneering and revolutionary concepts conceived outside the inhibiting constructs of formal institutions.
As an artist, Mic Rahman is compelled to produce works that surpass mundane representations. His works aim to identify and expose the disparity of the currently divided societal landscape, embodied in a decidedly creative approach to stimulate positive discourse. Through his multidisciplinary methods, Mic Rahman’s diverse efforts convey the limitless potential of his intended communal dialogue.