Virgilio "Pandy" Aviado

Virgilio "Pandy" Aviado is considered 1 of 10 top printmakers of the world. He has handled the finest prints in the country with artists such as Anita Magsaysay-Ho, Cesar Legaspi, Fernando Zobel, and Jose Joya to name a few.

Beyond traditional forms of printing, Pandy Aviado promotes new techniques and processes of printing making the art of printmaking more accessible to younger artists.

He began his art journey under the tutelage of Araceli Dans in a summer art class he joined when he was in high school. Under Araceli Dans was when he was introduced to Manuel Rodriguez who would leave a great and lasting influence on him. He attended weekly lessons with Manuel Rodriguez and studied at the University of Sto. Tomas and Philippine’s Women University to continue learning from the father of Philippine Contemporary Printmaking.

Pandy Aviado’s investment in the art industry grew and became one of the founding College members of the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG) Arts Club formed by Emmanuel Torres (AAG Curator).

The success of his first solo exhibition in the Luz Gallery in 1967 and was given a study grant by art patron Fernando Zobel. Thus began his journey to Europe from 1969 - 1976 in Madrid and Paris trained under various printmakers.

During his return to the Philippines in 1976, he became a supporter of the print industry in the Philippines. He supported the Printmakers Association of the Philippines, now known as the Philippine Association of Printmakers which was started by Manuel Rodriguez, Sr. in the ‘60s. His presence in the printmaking industry in the Philippines has resulted in numerous prints, exhibitions, and awards in the Philippines and abroad. His love for printmaking and supporting young artists continues until today, but his artistic process extends beyond with other works such as paintings, drawings, and mixed media works.